Quality Parts & Excellent Service

At Webshims.com we specialize in delivering  excellent customer service and metal shims of the highest quality. Our use of the latest laser cutting equipment & technology enables us to produce metal shims & parts in a fast, efficient, & cost effective manner. Whether you require prototype,  short run, or production parts our service is the solution to your metal shim requirements.

Fast Service

We pride ourselves in producing shims & laser cut parts in the most efficient manner possible.  By utilizing the latest technologies available our engineers & technicians are capable of turn around orders within one day.  In what used to take days or even weeks, our processes enable us to move from drawing, to laser, to quality control, to finished part in only a matter of hours.

Production Capabilities

When it comes to fabrication technologies, laser cutting is capable of producing parts of high accuracy & superior edge quality. At Webshims.com we run six high capacity lasers during  both first & second shift operations.  Our laser cutting capacity in addition to our staff of highly trained & experienced operators ensure that no job is too big for our team.

Shim & Laser Cutting Materials

Our clients don’t have to wait for materials. We maintain a fully stocked warehouse of materials of varying thicknesses & types. Click here to view our inventory of materials. If you have specific material requirements please contact us and we will assist with any questions.